Sam Barnes dog paintings

Personalised Dog Portraits in Pastel or Pencil


Experienced professional pet painter and artist with a BA honours in Fine Art

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Portraits can be of single, or two or three subjects in a traditional portrait style of head and shoulders.....or they can be with a background, on a chair or in a basket proving popular. The Doberman below is mounted and being packed ready for dispatch.



Pastels are a very beautiful soft medium which is ideal for depicting an animal's fur

whether it be the soft dense fur of a cat or the rough coat of a terrier. There seems to

be a general concern that pastels may not be permanent - this is not the case and they

 can last hundreds of years with the appropriate care.

"Pastel sticks or crayons consist of pure powdered pigment combined with an inert  binder. The exact composition and characteristics of an individual pastel stick depends on the type of pastel and the type and amount of binder used. It also varies by individual manufacturer.

Dry pastels have historically used binders such as gum arabic which was introduced in the twentieth century. Often a chalk or gypsum component is present. They are available in varying degrees of hardness, the softer varieties being wrapped in paper"


I use only good quality lightfast pigments - which are typically the most expensive

 pastels, but it is worth it for a durable and more luminous quality. All pictures are

 fixed with fixative and glassine paper is used in the packing to protect unmounted









Once a pastel is finished can be mounted with an acid free museum board and wrapped in acetate - this will help protect it until you choose to get it framed.